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Every seafarer has a right to complain to/against Reliance Partners Ltd.

Reliance Partners Ltd is obliged to help the seafarer in order to resolve disputes arising from the employment relationship onboard the ship, or in matters relating to the seaman's journey to the ship or home.

During recruitment, every seaman receives a copy of the complaints procedure, as well as relevant contact details.

All complaints about the activities of Reliance Partners Ltd should be submitted in writing to the Executive Director. The company is required to confirm the receipt of the complaint, including information, about approx. period of its examination. Any complaint will be dealt individually in the shortest possible time, the answer will be sent up within 5 working days of the complaint.

If the complaint can't be resolved locally, in accordance with the claims of a sailor, it will be forwarded to the next level - to the HR Manager of the proper owner. In this case, the investigation of a complaint has the right to extend for up to 28 days.

If the answer for complaint, is not matching Seaman's expectation, he has the right to appeal to the government (Maritime Authority).

Reliance Partners Ltd is obliged to report every unresolved complaints to proper marine administration.

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Managing Director Reliance Partners Ltd
81-364 GDYNIA 10 Lutego 16 str.
Centrum Kwiatkowskiego, stairs "B", floor III
Contacts to Maritime Offices:
Maritime Office in Gdynia
ul.Chrzanowskiego 10
81-338 Gdynia, Poland
Tel. +48 58 355 3220
Fax. +48 58 620 3039
email:   dumsekr@umgdy.gov.pl  

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