Polska wersja

Candidates declare their willingness to work with the owners/managers served by RP Ltd by sending in an application on-line www.reliancepartners.pl

Applications used to be sent for vacancies - advertised on the Portal Morski, press releases, or generally for posts , which were mentioned in our adverts in the past, or are described on our website as mostly / permanently wanted.

On receipt of a detailed description of the vacancy, company begins the process of selection, i.e. selecting candidates for the best profile, up to meeting the expectations of the owner/manager in terms of experience, qualifications, education, its powers and documents.

Candidates are initially introduced (pre-advertised) with the name and date of birth. The owner declares, whether candidate is new for him and is interested in his full CV, or already existing in their dbase. From time of express owner's interest in the candidate, followed by briefing seafarer regarding vacancy's details, final seafarer's consent to be employed is received, and the process of accurately collecting information about him begins just to fill in the database with scanned documents as well, so that the application sent to the owner contains as much valuable data as possible.

We're used to introduce candidates with encrypted / coded full application provided with a passport-photo. Depending on the owner's requirements, shall also be included "Owner's application form", test results (Marlins, CES etc.), scans of some documents and opinions etc.

The Manager then compares our candidate with candidates presented by the Polish crewing/manning competitors and candidates presented by other nationalities from other countries - in order to select the best.

If our seafarer is chosen, the selection is completed. The candidate shall be submitted together with all supporting data and documents to the Crewing Manager to prepare him for next stage - "Placement" - i.e. dispatching onboard the ship.

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